Fort Sinclair

Years in use: 1764-1785

Built by: The British and Lieutenant Patrick Sinclair

Fort’s Purpose:  To protect fur traders between Fort Michilimackinac and Fort Detroit.

Size: 120 x 130 feet

Cost to build: 467 British pounds

Other Fort Activity: a Saw mill was on the property to process the large pine trees or float them down to Detroit.  Orchards and gardens were planted.

Items bought, sold or traded at the fort:


Domestics:                                                    Food:

Shoes                                                          Potatoes

Stockings                                                   Corn

looking glasses                                          Cranberries

Thread                                                         Beans

Ribbons                                                      Pumpkins

Blankets                                                     Bread

Wrist bands                                                            Sugar

Silver wrist band                                        Venison

Fabric                                                         Pork


Tools:                                                           Furs & Animals:

Scalping knives                                          Bear skins

Scissors                                                      Doe skins

Panes of glass                                            Otter

Bridles                                                         Beaver

Iron chain                                                    Raccoons

Elk skin

Misc:                                                               Porcupines

Bear grease                                                            Partridges

Snuff boxes                                                 Trout

Twine                                                           Mink and Martins

Rum                                                             Foxes

Tobacco                                                      Fishers

Ear bobs                                                      Cats

Gun powder                                                 Carabou

Tallow for candles

4 horse shoes and 30 nails

Ceramic pipe

Shoes  Stockings

looking glasses