Enter the doors of the St. Clair Historical Museum and travel back 250 years to the community’s beginning as a British Fort, moving to its days as a Michigan lumbering and brick manufacturing mecca, through its transition to salt purification, and shipbuilding. View artifacts and photographs of the fabulous resorts and hotels that drew guests from all over the world to the beautiful landscape and therapeutic mineral baths. Delve into family histories, city records and directories, newspaper articles, obituaries and documents.

Location: 308 S. 4th St., St. Clair, Michigan
Hours: Tuesdays 9:30 AM to noon
Saturday and Sunday (May through October)
1:30PM – 4:30 PM
Phone: (810) 329-6888

Upcoming Programs

The sinking of the S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald on Nov. 10, 1975 created as much mystery as fact. Join Great Lakes freighter historian “Freighter Frank” Frisk as he and the St. Clair Historical Museum present a video exploration of “S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald, Scientific Research Has Shown Another Reason for Her Sinking.” Go hundreds of feet below the Lake Superior surface as dive detectives explore the sunken ship looking for more clues about what caused it to sink. Watch maritime researchers re-create in a giant Canadian wave simulation tank the same tremendous forces of wind and water which the Mighty Fitz faced on that fateful day.

Thursday, April 19th at 7 PM repeated Friday, April 20th at 1 PM. Community Room of the St. Clair Museum, 308 S. Fourth St. in St. Clair. Donation is $6; students are free.

The St. Clair Museum has launched a $20,000 “matching” fundraising effort to reconstruct and upgarade much of the stage and center area of the main museum to create a Belle Reve room where the historic hand-carved English oak paneling from the Belle Reve mansion will be appropriately displayed. Donations can be made for yourself or in someone’s honor. Donation forms are available on the Museum’s facebook page (St. Clair Historical Museum) or by calling the Museum at 810 329-6888.

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