Enter the doors of the St. Clair Historical Museum and travel back 250 years to the community’s beginning as a British Fort, moving to its days as a Michigan lumbering and brick manufacturing mecca, through its transition to salt purification, and shipbuilding. View artifacts and photographs of the fabulous resorts and hotels that drew guests from all over the world to the beautiful landscape and therapeutic mineral baths. Delve into family histories, city records and directories, newspaper articles, obituaries and documents.

Location: 308 S. 4th St., St. Clair, Michigan
Hours: Tuesdays 9:30 AM to noon
Saturday and Sunday (May through October)
1:30PM – 4:30 PM
Phone: (810) 329-6888

Upcoming Programs

St. Clair has always been known for its diverse, interesting and historic business community. Join Ron Brenner and JoAn Kindsvater on Sunday October 9th for the St. Clair Museum’s annual Cemetery Walk. Ron and JoAn will give you insight and information about 10 famous St. Clair business people who call Hillside Cemetery their final resting place. These include Lee Sass, Henry Brenner, Al Chase, George Thompson, Charles Gliem, Bunny Barnes, Micki Saunders and Bramie Damm. The Walk starts at 2 PM on Oct. 9th at the Hillside Cemetery Chapel located near Palmer Road and St. Clair Highway. Donation is $5 and students are free. Refreshments will be served afterward in the St. Clair Museum.

Cemetary Walk

Georgie Closs-Burns will present a different look at the St. Clair business community as she presents Behind the Wrecking Ball on Thursday, Oct 20th at 7 PM repeated on Friday, Oct. 21st at 1 PM in the Community Room of the Museum. She will visit the stores and shops of old St. Clair before Urban Renewal through stories and photos of 1940’s 50’s and 60′ businesses. These were the places to go for all of our needs without leaving town. The Museum is located at 308 S. 4th St. in St. Clair. Donation is $5; students are free. Refreshments will be served.

The Museum will be open for visitors to enjoy the new exhibits.

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